Reef Magic Education

Local marine tourism identity, and Cairns local, Mr Tim North has been involved in the operation of Great Barrier Reef day trips out of Cairns for over 30 years, and 20 as director and owner of Reef Magic Cruises.

Tim North is renowned for innovation and the pioneering of new ideas that expanded to develop this exciting division of Reef Magic Education.

Today, under the ownership of Experience Co. that tradition continues with education partnerships, scientific bodies and with wider reef communities.

Reef Magic Education continues to focus on creating education pathways to garner greater connections and awareness of local communities, highlighting the social, cultural, environmental and economic capital to local reef systems. This includes education and research opportunities for students to experience our local reefs and contribute to ongoing research projects. The aim is to provide a greater awareness of reef systems and empower more sustainable communities.

The Reef Magic Education programs presents opportunities for students and teachers to engage with a variety of individuals and local stakeholders to actively participate in self-discovery, through place-based learning projects.

An increasing number of teachers are embracing place-based learning as a strategy that captures students’ imaginations and advances environmental stewardship and civic engagement.

Reef Magic works closely with our Reef Community Education manager and our team of Marine Biologists to facilitate and deliver a unique brand of place based learning programs on the Great Barrier Reef.

The education projects are open to local, national and international students and will be delivered across a number of reef systems within the Cairns region. These include:

Our Destinations (click to enlarge)

  • Norman Reef
  • Saxon Reef
  • Hastings Reef
  • Michaelmas Reef
  • Green Island
  • Flynn Reef
  • Thetford Reef
  • Milln Reef
  • Moore Reef
  • Fitzroy Island

The Reef Magic Education and Research programs are on offer year round and contribute to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Eye on the Reef monitoring programs and the Reef Magic Education and Research monitoring programs.