David Wiseman

Growing up in coastal South Australia, David has always had an intimate connection with the marine world. From the usual boating and fishing, to water sports, and of course many hours snorkeling and exploring coastal waters. After moving to Cairns and converting this long affinity with things marine to a scuba qualification in 1992, he has managed to achieve almost two thousand hours underwater. more than three quarters of this time has been involved with Crown of Thorns Starfish, (COTS), control, or research programs.

Reef Magic’s research and control measures, has given him the opportunity to maintain his association with COTS once more. His overall attitude to COTS seems to be one of great respect, often heard using the word “perfect” when describing them, their life, and function. Whilst acknowledging their position within reef communities, he also recognizes the need for reef managers to be able to manage COTS populations within their day to day operations, and the potential human induced influences that may also be involved in population dynamics now influencing COTS on the reef. Developing a way to allow continued, quality reef use, will mean a strong future for reef tourism and help to broaden our understanding of COTS overall as well.