Tim North

TimTim North has over 30 years’ experience in reef marine operations.  He is a skilled Master, Marine Engineer and Commercial Diver and although these are his trades, he is known for so much more.

As well as running his own reef tourism business – Reef Magic Cruises for twenty years, Tim has been involved in a variety of Marine enterprises and adventures.

Tim was instrumental in encouraging moorings to be installed on the Great Barrier Reef to reduce anchor damage.  In fact through his commercial dive company – Tim North & Associates, Tim has installed over 300 moorings and over 35 reef platform/pontoons over the last 30 years, not only in Australia, but other Pacific Ocean destinations.

In 1993 Tim was approached to put together and operate an underwater documentary film company to make research documentaries.  The 60m expedition ship “Quest” was used over three years to make 13 documentaries under the title “Voyages of the Quest”.  These films were made to enrich people’s knowledge of the oceans and brought awareness to help protect these valuable resources.

Tim’s ‘can-do’ attitude and marine experience has taken him to many destinations around the world.  Planning, working on and completing projects, often in difficult and remote circumstances, Tim has built his reputation in the marine field to one of very high standing. With many years of experience and knowledge, Tim is also affiliated with:

  • Board of Directors AMPTO (association of marine park tourism operators)
  • Councillor on the board of Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland
  • Approved mooring inspector, installer and advisor for GBRMPA (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority)
  • Member of ATEC (Australian Tourism Exports Council) legacy


Tim’s legacy will be maintained with our continuing Reef Magic Education, and our expanded family at EXPERIENCE Co.