indigenous tourism conections

Tropical North Queensland showcases some of the greatest natural wonders of the world, offering visitors direct access to the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, tropical islands and beaches, as well as world Heritage listed ancient Rainforest systems.

Indigenous tourism is a way for non-Indigenous Australians to hear about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and learn from their cultures.

This is important because, as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples comprise only about 3% of Australia’s total population. Non-Indigenous Australians can live their lives with little cultural interaction, thereby missing the opportunity for insight into, and understanding of the world’s longest continuous culture.

Reef Magic are looking to foster reconciliation by showcasing Indigenous history, opportunities to learn on country (sea), sharing culture, tours travelling the Song lines, connecting through native foods, and celebrating through arts, music and dance.

Steps have already been taken by Reef Magic Cruises to enrich our day with cultural input from team members, Malik and Jeremy. As they have trained in day to day tourism operations, they in turn have been educating us, as to cultural significance and perspective relevant to our day and Moore reef site.

Malik Thaiday

Jeremy Noble

Malik and Jeremy with Marie Taylor, manager Of Reef Magic Education