“Magic” The sea turtle

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Reef Magic Sponsorship of “Magic” a stranded Green Turtle

Reef Magic Cruises has officially sponsored “Magic” a stranded Green Turtle who was rescued by Mission Beach Charters and is now being care for by the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center.

Rod Hillman the CEO of Ecotourism Australia visited the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center to congratulate Reef Magic Cruises on achieving Advanced Ecotourism Certification.

Tim North, our previous owner and director of Reef Magic and Jeff Cameron-Smith the Marketing Manager of Reef Magic Cruises were on hand to introduce “Magic” to Rod Hillman.

Rod Hillman was delighted to see Eco Certified Tourism Operators directly contributing to the protection of turtles via sponsorship, to provide for the food bill of turtle patients.

‘A good example of Ecotourism Australia certified operators working together for a better future!’

For more information on the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center or to see how you can get involved visit their website,  www.saveourseaturtles.com.au  or email: cnsturtlerehab@outlook.c