Career Pathways

Reef Magic is now offering student education and research field trips. The education programs align with the Australian curriculum and have been designed to connect students to their local reef systems. The programs will incorporate a number of local industries and allow students to talk with professionals in the areas of:

  • Tourism
  • Teaching
  • Marine Science
  • Government
  • Ranger Programs
  • Diving
  • Fishing Industry
  • Underwater Photography
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental Management
  • Boating Industry

Career pathways describe the direction and approach that can be taken by students wishing to develop their career within a given profession.

Reef Magic Education highlights career pathways that can help students identify career options that are available to them locally and illustrate the knowledge and skills people need to equip themselves for different roles. First hand experiences help students identify any gaps in their skill, knowledge, qualifications and experience and help plan for their development in order to acquire them.

Reef Magic Education programs are designed to stimulate the interests of students in education, marine science, environmental management and marine tourism by engaging students in applied learnings through the real world challenges of sustainable environmental management. The programs also challenge the students to look at real world complex issues from a variety of disciplines.