Research Expeditions

Choose Your Own Adventure

Reef Magic Education can tailor research programs that will allow your students to access up to 7 outer reef destinations and 2 island destinations over multiple days. This will include research projects at:

  • Norman Reef
  • Saxon Reef
  • Hastings Reef
  • Flynn Reef
  • Thetford Reef
  • Moore Reef (Marine World Research Centre)
  • Milln Reef
  • Michaelmas Cay (Second most important bird nesting site on GBR and Indigenous cultural connections)
  • Fitzroy Island (Turtle Rehabilitation Centre and Indigenous Cultural Walk)

This program will allow students to access multiple sites and collect data on:

  • Coral reef health
  • Species diversity
  • Coral cover and recruits
  • Crown of thorns
  • Compare different reef ecologies
  • Water quality
  • Adaptations and reef relationships
  • Climate change and ocean acidification
  • Indigenous Sea Country Connections
  • Territorial patterns
  • Sustainable Management

The research expedition aims to provide data from multiple reef sites so students can investigate trends and graphical representations on the diversity of Crown of Thorns, benthic organisms (coral and algae), fish abundances or lack thereof and zoning and management patterns.

Findings on the individual reef scale will allow further inquiry into linking diversity parameters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Schools participating in the research expeditions will have access to other student’s data from previous trips to analyse data sets and link trends of the parameters recorded.

We can facilitate 2 day, 3 day, 4 day and 5 day expeditions to suit curriculum outcomes. Reef site selection will be based on the research and time requirements.